Cindy Chenard, “Morning Has Broken”, “Leaf Peeping”

Leaf Peeping

“Leaf Peeping”

Cindy Chenard

Cindy Chenard has art in her blood and doesn’t remember a moment when she wasn’t creating art. She comes from a creative, artistic family, and unsurprisingly went to NC State Design School for textile and visual art.

Fiber arts including weaving have been a staple for her, and she has participated in many shows with her art made from yarn leftover in textile mills. She worked for years designing fabrics to be used in airline seats, and later she turned her energy to designing and making hats.

Two years ago she moved to Black Mountain where she has a studio right in her home, but she is still very involved in the Red House. She does publicity for the Red House, and she curates shows for the Swannanoa Valley Arts League. She loves living in Black Mountain because there is always so much going on.

Her interest at the moment is in making art of layers of

Morning Has Broken

“Morning Has Broken”

wood. She is inspired by the mountains and enjoys creating three-dimensional landscapes as well as abstract designs.

This year Cindy created two chairs for the Little Town That Rocks exhibit. One of her chairs, “Morning Has Broken,” is located in front of Song of the Wood, and the other, “Leaf Peeping,” is in front of C.W. Moose and Company.

Cindy has exhibited her work at Seven Sisters, the Red House, and the Elbow Gallery. Her work is in the current exhibit at the Red House, and will stay up for the month of August. She will have a space at the soon-to-be-completed Eco Depot in the River Arts District of Asheville.

Written by Stephanie Wilder, owner of Chifferobe Home and Garden

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