Cindy Chenard, “Morning Has Broken”, “Leaf Peeping”

Cindy Chenard Website: Cindy Chenard has art in her blood and doesn’t remember a moment when she wasn’t creating art. She comes from a creative, artistic family, and unsurprisingly went to NC State Design School for textile and visual art. Fiber arts including weaving have been a staple for…

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David Nelson Collins – “Black Bear Near Black Balsam” & “Upper Catawba Falls”

David Collins Website: David Nelson Collins likes to live large. A recent arrival to Black Mountain (he has lived in the McCoy Cove area for just two years), he has already made a big mark on the arts scene here. Collins moved here from Florida where his career involved chemical…

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Libba Tracy – “For the Birds”

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Libba Tracy My grandson asked me recently to name my favorite superhero. I thought about all the traditional ones that he likes: Batman, Iron Man, Superman, and the rest of the male heroes. Then I weighed my options of Wonder Woman and Supergirl. Too boring… Instead my favorite superhero is…

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Barbara Frohmader, “Summer’s Geraniums”, “Sunflower Basket”

Barbara Frohmader Website:  Barbara Frohmader was born and raised in Mexico, so color and verve are in her blood. When I reached her by phone to make an appointment to chat, she was in her car with her granddaughter. I offered to call her back when she was less busy,…

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Martha Raines, “Barn – Old Lakey Gap”

Martha Raines Website: For years Martha Raines worked at the Kearfott manufacturing plant on US 70, but buried inside her was a technicolor world that waited until she retired to spring out of her. Martha is one of the lucky few who was born and raised in Black Mountain, and…

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Johnnie Stanfield, “Lures”

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Johnnie Stansfield Website : Johnnie has been painting since she was a child in Charleston and in love with horses. When she wasn’t riding them, she was drawing them and painting pictures of them. Her family would escape the hot Charleston summers to Black Mountain, and when she had…

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