Martha Raines, “Barn – Old Lakey Gap”

Martha Raines

Barn - Old Lakey Gap

“Barn – Old Lakey Gap”

For years Martha Raines worked at the Kearfott manufacturing plant on US 70, but buried inside her was a technicolor world that waited until she retired to spring out of her. Martha is one of the lucky few who was born and raised in Black Mountain, and in her journey to and from Kearfott each day, she appreciated and took in the stunning landscapes of this region.

While she had joined the Swannanoa Valley Art League in the ’70’s, it was only when Martha retired she let her inner artist out. She finally had the time to concentrate on capturing the landscapes she had seen all her life. She took a few lessons on drawing and perspective and worked to perfect her painting skills. Other than those few lessons, she has been self-taught.

This year’s chair was the first for Martha, but she is revved up about continuing in the future. The scene she chose to paint for her rocking chair is a landscape she has seen many times off Lakey Gap Road.

Written by Stephanie Wilder, owner of Chifferobe Home and Garden

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